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    The goal of the show’s creator, Dale S. Robertson, is to introduce visionaries

    to those who can offer

    resources that enable

    dreams to become reality.

    The Spread The Bread television program will provide an opportunity for people with ideas to make a presentation to a panel of respected experts who will evaluate and counsel those individuals to progress from a good idea to a great successful community project.


    Using television, this ministry will reach far beyond the neighborhood. The fruits of this endeavor will be various and widespread. By assisting local non-profit organizations in their quest for resources and encouraging coordination of their charitable efforts, the ultimate results of the Spread The Bread television program will be improvement in education, economic development, housing, and many issues related to the quality of life.



    The host of the show will introduce representatives from local non-profit organizations to a panel of experts. In turn, each participating organization will present a proposed or existing project.


    The participating organization will then receive an evaluation and specific feedback from the panel. Panelists will offer insight on improving the project, strengthening the organization, or locating resources.


    There will be additional features, including the “Tip of the Day” (from a grant proposal writer, lawyer, or banker) and special segments reporting on the success of prior participants.

    Benefits for Participants:


    Naturally, the local non-profits will gain an advantage by showcasing their projects on the air—but that is only the start.

    Participating non-profit organizations may take advantage of ABJ's in-house workshop on organizational development. (Fees may apply.)


    Another anticipated benefit is networking. Because the nature of the show will draw viewers from the not-for-profit sector, the show will not only showcase worthy projects but also encourage collaboration among non-profit organizations. The show will always strive to connect participating organizations with viewers who are working on the same issues in the same geographic area. Ideally, coalitions will be formed to deal with issues that are more effectively addressed on a citywide, countywide, or regional level.

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